A family holiday in Lithuania & Latvia – May 2015

A family holiday in the Baltics is cheap, cheerful & cultural – perfect for kids, parents & grandparents! Having travelled to the Baltic countryside with the family, for the last ten, or so, years, we are used to what to expect. High standard cute wooden cabin accommodation, delicious food at a quarter of the cost […]

Baltic Beaches – we’re all going on a summer holiday!

Enjoying a wonderful summer holiday does not mean splashing the cash, if you choose to visit the Baltic beaches of Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia. Only a 2.5 hour flight from the UK, these small Baltic nations are home to some stunning coastline, quiet sandy beaches, and traditional resorts nestled in pine trees. And in the […]

A family Holiday in Latvia: Day Six The Pods

Having cycled, high wired and eaten Ventspils dry, our next port of call was Cape Kolka and the famous Pods, or huge beer barrels with an enormous window and a double bed inside to sleep in, to put it more accurately.. Camping on our Latvia Holidays It was chillier than the 29c we had encountered […]