Baltic Beaches – we’re all going on a summer holiday!

Jurmala, near Riga, Latvia

Enjoying a wonderful summer holiday does not mean splashing the cash, if you choose to visit the Baltic beaches of Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia. Only a 2.5 hour flight from the UK, these small Baltic nations are home to some stunning coastline, quiet sandy beaches, and traditional resorts nestled in pine trees. And in the summer, they normally have a real summer; where everything comes to life in the sunshine, long lazy days, warm balmy days, and everyone is high spirits after the cold winter.

Saaremaa Island, Estonia          Traditional house in Nida, Lithuania
The main resorts of Palanga in Lithuania, Jurmala in Latvia, and Parnu in Estonia have excellent facilities for everyone to enjoy. From family activities, water parks, all sorts of sports, to tranquil spa hotels where you can still get pampered for a fraction of the price of western Europe. And it is also possible to escape all of this, and discover the Baltic beaches where fewer people visit, where traditional ways of life are upheld, and where you will enjoy some unique and undeveloped nature. Nida is a small fishing village on the Curonian Spit in Lithuania. To get there you travel to the coastal city of Klaipeda, board a ferry and then travel along the spit towards Kaliningrad. You are driving along the sand dunes, that separate the Curonian lagoon and the Baltic sea. In Nida, time really does slow down, and being in the nature is like therapy to the busy modern soul.

Another place to run to and hide, is on Saaremaa or Muhu islands in Estonia. Again, traditional life still exists here, and the nature is wonderfully free and unspoilt and quiet. Peace on the islands, and a lot of rest and rejuvenation if you stay in Kuressaare in one of the top spa hotels. are specialists in private tours and tailor made travel to the Baltic States and beyond.