St Petersburg: From Russia with Love…

Mother Russia and my Mum: A Holiday in St Petersburg A lot has changed in St Petersburg since Miranda Sawyer’s mother first visited in 1965 – for a start the vultures have all disappeared, and nobody wants her jeans. St Petersburg has stately boulevards, frou-frou churches, pretty canals and loads of art displayed in vast […]

Roads to Revolution….

Twenty years ago this month three countries reappeared on the map of Europe: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, grateful beneficiaries of a sudden collapse of authority in the Soviet Union. Little was known about them, but the three, collectively termed the Baltic states, represented a new challenge for British travellers keen to explore part of the […]

A Private Tour of Tallinn; A Winter Wonderland Tour

Travelling around the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia during the winter months adds a completely different perspective to your private tour and with hotels offering their ‘low season’ prices – which can be considerably cheaper than ‘high season’ – it’s a good time to upgrade your room or even your hotel to really […]

Europe’s Best Kept Secret…The Baltic Coastline

The Baltic Coastline Jurmala, Latvia  We have been offering holidays to the Baltics for 14 years – we have seen many changes, there and closer to home. In 1999 if we asked people had they heard of ‘Vilnius’ people often gave us a blank stare, then people presumed it was a cold grey city full […]